Get going with Ractive.JS for your web pages

Ractive.JS consists of a UI library that works with templates. Ractive JS library transforms style, logic to highly interactive apps.

It has out of the box support for,

Powerful and extensible components,
two-way binding,
scoped CSS,
SVG support and

There are also plugins if the above are not sufficient.

It does not have a very steep learning curve like other frameworks.

It's origins are in the News media company, the Guardian. Originally used for producing News related applications where the demands and interactivity are very high.

Nice thing is,  you are not locked to it like other frameworks.

Here is the script reference to Ractive.JS

If you want to download there are many references:

# jsDelivr
# CDNjs
# unpkg
# npmnpm install --save-dev ractive
# Bower
bower install --save ractive

Just go to the above and click. When you are in the libraries (https;//…

UWP : Visual Studio 2017 Community error 'App Didn't Start'

This error appears when you try to deploy the project to the Local Machine (x64). There are no errors during build or deploy stages. However, when you try to run the machine you come up with this message after the App shows up momentarily and disappears immediately.

Trying to deploy to an emulator such as Mobile Emulator 10.0.14393.0 WVGA 4 Inch 512MB comes with the following errors. The emulator is running:

However when you deploy it to a device (in this case Lumia 925) the app gets deployed with no errors.

In order to proceed to package it for uploading to the Windows Store I am not sure just deploying it to the device is good enough.

Is there a fix?

UWP: Choosing the right target version for UWP Projects

I faced quite a bit of downtime due to the wrong choice of the target version working with UWP Projects. Web search to find a cure sent me searching for answers I could not find.
I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 Version 15.8.1. The Dell alptop is running Evaluation copy of Build 17733.rs5_release(18083-1525). [This OS has a problem in that when you shutdown and restart the OS, it will reinstall the OS afresh wiping out some of the folders; saved passwords; saved items in Microsoft Edge. Visual Studio also gets reset.].
Now coming back to the right Target version for working with UWP projects, there are three options for the Target version shown in this image.
Of the three options only one of them allows the Desgin editor in Visual Studio come up without this error - The app did'nt start(HRESULT:0x8027025B). This is the only one that works:
Windows 10 Creators Update (10.0; Build 15063).
Regarding the choices for the Min Version, Build 15086 an…

C# template fails to load in Visual Studio 15.7.5

Visual Studio's combo program Blend 2017 seems to have the C# templates missing in Visual Studio Community 2017, Version 15.7.5.

Here is a New Project window open in Blend 2017. There are C# Windows Universal Project templates.

It allows you create a new project, a UWP, C# Blank Project as shown but with errors.

For the above these (default) were chosen.

The design area of XAML displays System.Exception but the project builds alright.

It fails to deploy and this is the error message:

The package deployment operation is blocked by the "Allow deployment operations in special profiles" policy.
   at Microsoft.VisualStudio.DesignTools.UwpDesignerHost.UwpHostPlatform.<>c__DisplayClass31_0.b__0()
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.InnerInvoke()
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
   at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task)
   at System.Runtime.CompilerService…

Missing C# templates in Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017, version 15.7.5

Recently installed Visual Studio Community 2017 with the following details:

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 
Version 15.7.5
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.7.03062 

I tried to run a previously well designed project by loading the project and failed. I noticed a number of errors such as these:

The UI elements can still be seen in the XAML view in the MainPage.xaml and the same elements in the MainPage.xaml.cs are getting to be unrecognized by red wiggly (does not exist in the current context). some fifty errors CS0103 error

Also the CS1061 error that the MainPage does not contain a definition for 'initialize Component' accepting first argument of type 'MainPage' could be found.

I could not fathom the reason and spent about 6 hours.

Then I resorted to recreate the app from scratch by creating a new C# project and noticed that the C# language related templates were missing. I am not sue if my errors are related to the missing …

Microsoft Windows Simulator is not working!

The Simulator for testing apps is not working. It can be launched but you cannot exit. You may exit the development environment by closing Visual Studio but the simulator hangs around.

Apps open in the simulator does not work, or work sporadically.

Here are details of OS and the Visual Studio versions in which this was noted:

Here is the abandoned Simulator:

I will be upgrading to the next version of Visual Studio Community 2017 shown here: