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Enabling developer mode for Windows 10

You have installed or upgraded to Windows 10 and now you want to develop apps for Windows 10. With Windows 10 you need to develop it once and you can deploy to various devices. However to do this you need to get ready with 'developer mode'. This post shows how.

Launch Visual Studio 2015 Community. Create a blank Universal Windows app using Javascript template in VS Community 2015.


You may get this message if it is not in developer mode. In which case follow intructions on the message.


This is the folder structure of my Universal Windows project using the blank JavaScript template which I named it as DojoApp (I was planning to bring in Dojo Toolkit here but there are some problems).


Here is the default.html code:


    Content goes here

Click F5 to start debugging, the developer mode window comes up again. Now click on   Settings for Developers link. The Update and Security window appears and in 'For Developers'


Microsoft Store in NYC is open for business now

Now you can buy all the latest Microsoft Lumias in New York and in over 100 stores.

Microsoft opened its 3-floor store for business in New York today. It's on 5th Avenue not far from Apple Store. This is the largest Microsoft Store. All the new stuff from Microsoft is being sold starting today.

 Image source:

New York is a great city with people from all over the world and Microsoft knows this and the shop associates speak and understand some 19 languages.

Here is a preview video:

Video Source: Windows Central
More here:

Universal Windows Platform: Develop apps that includes phones and tablets

You will be hearing about this more and more as Windows 10 devices start appearing in increasing numbers that may reach billions.

Before Windows 10, the OS was Windows 8.1 and there were two devices
that were targeted by code:
Windows Windows Phone Developers created Universal Windows 8 apps using a shared codebase. For
this the Windows Runtime (WinRT), an evolution of the Windows app model
was introduced as a common application architecture.

With Windows 10 that has changed. Now there are a number of devices for
which you need to code has increased. Hence Universal Windows Platform
(UWP) was born.

WinRT gets evolved to be integrated with Windows 10 Core. This core
provides a common platform for every device that runs Window 10. UWP now
calls WinRT common for all the devices PLUS also APIs(Win32 and .NET)
that are specific to the device family the app runs on. Thus UWP
provides a guaranteed core API layer for all devices.

What it means is that your app can be deployed to the d…

Sensors used in the latest Microsoft Band - 2

The new Microsoft Band has a very comprehensive set of sensors in addition to a Haptic vibration motor.

Here is a listing from Microsoft site;
Optical heart rate sensor3-axis accelerometer/gyroGyrometerGPSAmbient light sensorSkin temperature sensorUV sensorCapacitive sensorGalvanic skin responseMicrophoneBarometerWhat is Haptic?
It is also known as Tactile or touch sensitivity. You feel a vibration if some attention is needed, for example. In the case of Microsoft Band it can alert you to messages and such. If it bothers you, it can be turned-off from Settings (DoNotDisturb setting).
Microsoft Band Video:

Surface Book: Best laptop/tablet on the market (soon)

First for Microsoft, first of its kind laptop, Surface Book will beat it competitors to a pulp.

Three input modes, touch (10 point multi-touch), pen,mouseFull-sized back-lit keyboard.13.5" PixelSense (tm) display is detachable to morph into a tablet that works with Surface Pen and OneNote, resolution: 3000 x 2000 (267 PPI), aspect ratio: 3:2. Bend over the lid can be used as a creative canvas 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with upto 16GB memory + optional discrete graphics chip (NVIDIA GenForce) needed for creative photo and video editing tasks12-hour battery life for video playback.Solid state drive (SSD) options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB.Wireless:  802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE; 802.11a/b/g/n compatible; Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.Ports:  Two full-size USB 3.0; Full-size SD™ card reader; SurfaceConnectTM; Headset jack Mini DisplayPort Cameras, Audio and Video: 5.0MP front-facing camera; 8.0MP rear-facing camer…

Mobile World Congress 2016 - Barcelona

Keep the dates open, February 2106, 22 to 25
This is theGSMA World Congressshowcasing all that is important to the mobile industry. All types of stake holders will meet, leaders, equipment makers, mobile operators etc. 
Do not forget to visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. 

Picture from Wikipedia.

The Microsoft Flagship Smatphones with Windows 10 coming to a Microsoft Store near you

Both Lumia 950 and 950XL are the latest Microsoft plastic-bodied smartphones with Windows 10 OS. These are the newest flagship Microsoft phones with WIndows 10. Both phones have similar cameras with the 950L having options for video recording not available in 950. These are expected to appear in Microsoft Stores in November 2015.

950XL (unlocked):
5.7"  display with 1440x2560
20MP camera with ZEISS optics
4K Video recording
3340 mAh battery
32GB storage/microSD 2TB
Wireless charging OK
USB Type C connectivity
950 (only available on AT&T):
5.2" display with 1440x2560
20MP Camera
4K Video recording
3000 mAh battery
Supports MicroSD
Wireless charging OK
USB Type C connectivity
For detailed spec here is the link: