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Get the Intel XDK May 2015 release

Version 1995 of Intel XDK was released on May 12, 2015. If you have an earlier version you will be asked to update when you start Intel XDK. Otherwise you can download from Intel site here.

These are the updated features:
Project Tab:
In version 1995 you cannot send an email(removed for security reasons). You can send a build completion email from the Build Tab.

Develop Tab:
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers can be used only for Standard HTML5 projects and not for HTML5+Cardova projects. You need to connect over Wi-Fi.


Profile Tab:
This is only relevant if you are developing for Android. Resource monitoring has been added.


Build Tab:
A cancel button is added to Build after a Build target is chosen. I do see the cancel button after the build is completed but not when the Build Target is chosen as seen in the following (updating an…

What browser is on your phone?

You don't like your smart phone browser. Find it and change it (you can change it for only iPhone and perhaps Androids).

Open your browser and type-in the following: and you will get your answer as I got on mine (Android) Windows Phone 8.1 (I have to double check if this is true). Looks like this is not correct and find the correct answer at the end of this post.

You can of course change it. Unfortunately none of these can be chosen as they appear to be not available for Windows Phone from windows store.

Here is the correct and complete answer: Go to on Windows Phone.