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JavaScript apps that you can build with Visual Studio Community Edition

HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript (for now and may be TypeScript) has emerged as the viable trio for developing Windows as well as Windows Phone APPS.

Here are the Apps that you can build with Visual studio 2013 Community Edition using the trio:

The Store Apps that you can develop using the trio are:
Universal Apps
Windows Apps
Windows Phone Apps

The following are the templates available for each of the above:
Universal Apps:
Blank App
Hub/Piovt App
Navigation App

Windows App:
Blank App
Grid App
Aplit App
Hub App
Navigation App

Windows Phone App:
Blank App
Pivot App
Navigation App
Download Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition (free) here:
Download Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition here:
With the community edition you can use the many extensions available as well as cross-platform apps (Xamarim is here in this edition)

Here are the installed products when you install the Visual Studio Community edition:
Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013
Version 12.0.3110…

JavaScript/HTML5 Client topics in Visual Studio Live in Las Vegas 2015

This should be a very interesting conference to attend if you have the time and money to spare.

HTML5/CSS3 offers with JavaScript capabilities for client as well as in serrver development contexts. These allow developers to crate rich and compelling experiences for users.

This track includes:

•JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS 3
•Single Page Applications (SPAs)
•Angular and TypeScript

The following are the session details for JavaScript/HTML5 development related topics.

T02  JavaScript for the C# (and Java) Developer  
T08  Write Next Generation, Object Oriented JavaScript, with TypeScript  
T14  It's the Top 10 of Cool HTML5 Features Every Developer Should Know Right Now  
T20  I Just Met You, and "This" is Crazy, But Here's My NaN, So Call (me) Maybe?  
W02  Getting Started with jQuery and How it Works Together with ASP.NET WebForms and MVC 
W08  Build Data-Centric HTML5 Single Page Applications with Breeze  
W14  Busy Developer's Guide to MEANJS  
W20  Creating A…

Cross-platform app development Visual Studio 2015 (XAMARIN)

Read the following to get an idea of cross-platform options:

Review this regarding cross-platform app development and Xamarin connection:

Review regarding XAMARIN:

Now in Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 you have the Android app under New Project in C#. Sorry, not available for VB. Not only you can work with Android but  also with iOS apps in Visual Studio 2015 CTP6. Review this following screen shot:


Herein you can write Anroid apps in C# and share your code with iPhone, iPad and other .NET languages.

However, there are no built-in templates but there is a link in the previous window at the bottom which will take you to the templates (if any) on the Internet.

In your search, look for Samples and under samples C#. Filter the results for Android. You will s…

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge upends iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone6 has a bigger screen but Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge has more cool features.

Well first of all there is a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Size-wise they are same and most features same too.

Dual edge of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy s6
Both have a Metal body and gorllia glass cover and the specs are almos the same.
Both have same specs
It has a new Octa-core Exynos 7 Processor that may be sloweer in speed but good at multi-tasking.

Some summarized specs here:

AMOLED Screens, 2560x1440, 577 PPI and 3GB RAMNo more microSD card but fixed; 32,64 or 128GBImproved Finger Print ScannerBoth have 16 MPixel cameras and Optical Image Stabilization5MP Selfie CameraTouch your finger print scanner and camera is ready to shootInfra-red capable heart rate sensor on the rareContinuous autofocus to capture crisp moving objectsBetter lowlight performance No replacement batteries and expandable storage (only option fixed storage). Anyway replaceable batteries were no bette…