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Apple's focus moves to India

With sales in China hampered by economy and somewhat by cheap look-alikes, Apple has shifted to a more stable market on the verge of blooming with an excellent demographic make up. Among the BRIC nations perhaps INDIA has the biggest opportunity of growth with a tech savvy PM.

Apple has been having conversations with India to open Apple Stores.

Apple has grown much faster than China, Korea and others.  Apple strong holds and is expected to grow even more.

Perhaps Tim Cook's bet is not a bluff.

By far the best tablet ever...


Well it is because of these unbeatable new features:

1TB SSD Storage
Intel Core i7 processor
Ultra thin
Great workmanship
PC or Tablet both OK

Of course it is pricey at $2699 and buy a keyboard add another $129
It is already sold out. Next availability is after February 2016. 

A nar file is behind this cute feature in Lumia 950

I saw this effect for the first time in Lumia 950. I am sure it is in the higher version but also more recent Windows smart phones. You might have also found it in the pictures you might have recently captured and saved to your Camera Roll. Perhaps you might not have associated these (.nar files) with the cute effect you  observed. You (in the Photo tile) click on one of these images and it opens up and comes to life briefly (Live Images)  before settling to a still that you have been used to all along. These are live pictures.

If you look at the properties of these picture you will see the .nar extension. NAR extension refers to Nikon Capture Advanced Raw file.

If you try to attach it with a message you will get two options, an image or a video. I sent it out to my wife to her iPhone 6S and she got a video. The video effect on iPhone 6S is Ok but not like it is on Windows 10 Phone Lumia 950. You have got to see it to know how it looks. This is developing area  of  rich capture.

App analytics with App Annie

You have worked on an App and you want to know how it is doing. What you need is some analytical information.

App Annie which provides App Analytics has several products of which the Store Stats is free. It claims to have 0.5 million registered members. Hourly and daily charts plus ranking for millions of apps is made available using the Staore Stats. Of course there is also a Pro version if you pay $59/month.

The other premium products are:

Store Intelligence
Usage Intelligence
Audience Intelligence
App Store Analytics
Advvertising Analytics
In-App Analytics

What I like is it covers all the important App Stores like, iOS, Apple TV, Mac, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Phone and Windows. Here is a over view of the dashboard and you can drill down to details in various ways and do filtering.

Here is details for iPhone and you can splice and dice.

I did not see a search box on this screen. Well your app has to have sufficient tracking before it can make it into the stats.

Develop a Side Menu App using Intel XDK - Part 5

In this part 5 of the post you will learn how to add content to your SideMenu app.

Review the following posts before you start with this post although Part 5 is quite independent except that it may start picking up a screen from Part 4.

Part 1:Creating a Intel XDK project using a template; SideMenu project UI, SideMenu on iPhone6 emulator
Part 2: Review of Controls and Layout as well as working with Pages. Pages in a SideMenu
Part 3: Linking the pages and Navigation

Part 4: Adding the BACK button to return to the previous page.

Presently the Favorites Screen(page)is empty as shown.


The header shows 'Favorites' and there is …

Do you want to build Geo apps? - Learn for free

This course is offered by ESRI.

Read here:
and here:

This is announced on the site:
February 2, 2016: Do It Yourself GeoApps (landing page forthcoming). This (Massive Open online Course) MOOC is for anyone who wants to build geo-enabled apps that make communities smarter and businesses more successful. Anyone can learn to build apps with configurable templates like Storymaps, and with applications called Web AppBuilder and AppStudio, all with little or no coding. Coders can learn about Esri's developer resources like SDKs and APIs, and can join the GeoDev community. Four weeks, self-paced, 12-18 hours total.

Section 1: Overveiw of the Course and Geo Apps
Section 2: Geo apps for Smarter Communities
Section 3: Put Your Story on the Map
Section 4: Web Apps for Your Community
Section 5: Native Apps for your Community
Section 6; Building Geo Apps onOpen Data
Section 7: Custom Coding and the GeoDev C…

URGENT: If you get a call from this number do not reply : 718-91729910

There is something wrong about this number. The telephone operator (AT&T) in my case flagged it as an international call. I do not know any from this area code (assuming it is 718).

This web site flags it as something that may be related to terrorist, but I am not sure.

I called up and added my telephone numbers.

Is it related to terrorists? I am not sure. I did not answer although for the last two, three days he/she attempting to talk to me.

Nikon's Action Market KeyMission 360 is awesome with just two lenses

This 360 Degree camera from Nikon is very impressive. Probably it will take out GoPro quite easily when it enters the market. It might already in the market even.

KeyMission 360's key features:

True 360 Degree Views
Imaging like never before

4K Ultra HD
Dual lenses and image sensors produce a single immersive, ultra-high-definition video and still image.

 Good to 100ft

 Does not care for dust, shock and low temperature


Here is a video from Nikon site:

I gave up on Verizon for my Smart Phones

I had two Nokia Icons running Windows Phone 8.1. It was nearing two years since I bought them. If I gave up the phones to Verizon I would have gotten a total of $80 in store credits for the two phones. However, I am sorry to part with the Icons. They were great phones.

Verizon offered upgrades but the choice for Windows 10 were not there. There were two phones with Windows Phone 8.1 and the store assistants could not say if and when the OS will be upgraded to Windows 10. My guess based on previous experience was perhaps in two years.

I changed my carrier to AT & T and got a $100 discount on that count.
I bought two phones, an iPhone 6S and a Lumia 950 and gave my Nokia Icons in exchange, and got another $400, the latest deal.

I think I did better. Also every time I visited downtown Verizon store, I noticed that the shop assistants acted high & mighty.

Verizon is supposedly better having a greater coverage. But just for that reason I will go with a carrier.

Nice thing abouts…