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Lumia 610 with NFC

Touch that can change a company
Well NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is supposed to be the credit card buster of the future. Touch your NFC enabled phone to an ATM mchine, outcomes the green backs (of course from your bank account. You do not need to insert your credit card and enter credentials etc. You start of tansaction without all these preliminaries). Besides this kind of transaction NFC can provide a whole lot of new experience.
NFC is the future face of how we will be communicating with the external world be it health services, entertainment, finance, Banking etc. Perhaps you should update your knowledge base on NFC by visiting their site here,
To get a quick take on what NFC is about perhaps you should immediately go to this page here,
Nokia NFC-enabled version of Lumia 610 smart phone was recently launched. Nokia enabled this on Windows 7 Phone OS by building a NFC software stack on t…