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Where I can find the latest TypeScript?

TypeScript 2.5 (the latest) is now available for download here:


If you have installed npm, installing TypeScript is a breeze.

> npm install -g typescript

Read here for installing npm:

Most useful program for mobile development

npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world’s largest software registry. npm is distributed with Node.js- which means that when you download Node.js, you automatically get npm installed on your computer.

Test if you have installed Node.JS and npm. There are lots of versions of Node.JS and npm and be aware of the versions and their compatibility.


npm registry has the largest(millions) number of packages of free, reusable code.
Depending on your needs you may choose one of these account types for using npm.


It provides an huge registry with many different programs like jQuery, AngularJS etc.

For example, if you are installing Cordova package you can do so from command-line like in here;

 C:\>npm install -g cordova

The -g switch means globally, otherwise it will be installed in the node_modules subdirectory.

Here is help file for npm:
npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world’s largest software registry. npm is dis…

Jumpstart Javascript to program IoT controllers using Johnny-Five

HTML/JavaScript option to work with IoT will have a large following. Johnny-Five a JavaScript Robotics platform (by the Bocoup group released in 2012) will be very popular with IoT developers.

If you use the Johnny-Five Inventor's kit (J5IK, $125.95) you can program a lot and learn a lot.
The J5IK empowers users to build internet-connected, JavaScript-powered hardware projects by marrying the ubiquitous language with the Tessel 2 single-board computer and several components to get users started immediately.

Tessel 2 Features (from Tessel site):

This kit (from Johnny-Five site):
Provides a powerful foundation for IoT projects Includes everything needed to complete 14 circuits Does not require previous programming experience or solderingConnects users with a thriving community and exemplary documentation. Supports beginner and more advanced projects  Although the applications are limitless, the kit allows users to control and read external sensors and displays, control motors, and …

Turn your smart phone into a PC

It is more correct to call it Samsung DeX Station (hardware) that pairs with Samsung's Galaxy S8 phone to provide you a real desktop experience that you always wanted.

Hear what VMware calls this:
"Samsung DeX redefines what a smartphone can do to keep mobile workers productive with just their smartphones."

Your Samsung Desktop would consist of a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, Samsung Galaxy S8 and the DeX Station.
Review the below image:

As you can see in the above image, Microsoft is there with all its Office 365 products.  Microsoft's dream of entering the mobile world may still be realized although Windows Phone is near extinction.
Microsoft has played a smart hand in going with Samsung on this.

Looks like Google Drive is still accessible and there are still few more programs(Hancom Office, Citrix Receiver and VMware Horizon Client).

Hancom Office consists of Hanword (a.k.a. Hangul, hwp), Hancell (Spreadsheet), and Hanshow (Presentation program).

Citrix Rece…

Page navigation in Single Page Applications! using AngularJS

Actually there are no 'Pages' in a Single Page Application (SAP) but no problem. If you are familiar with anchor tags in HTML, you could follow it with the help of the SRC's in your script that will help updating the page dynamically calling up the routing in AngularJS.

These are two important script references that you should add to your SPA:<script src=""></script><br /><script src=""></script> 
This is an important module that makes routing possible:

ngRoute module provides the routing and deep linking services and directives for a Angular JS applications.

You should read the documentation which gets clearer when you do an example.

ngRoute teams up with ngView directive to render the partial views.

"ngView is a directive that complements the $route service by includ…

svg in HTML5

SVG is variously described as  'part of HTML5 specification' or an HTML5 extension. In either case, I am very happy as I am a fan of SVG.

In HTML documents you could embed an in-line SVG code.
SVG in some cases appear superior to Canvas in HTML. SVG creates prefabricated graphics that is part of the documnet model which can be accessed by the ID for any event based action, where as the graphics for use in CANVAS needs to be created and rendered during page loading.

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