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SAP walks hand-in-hand with Sybase in mobility

SAP is a recognized leader in business applications and Sybase is a world leader in mobile software and they have taken the step to go hand-in-hand, looking forward to greater co-operation.

For full story read this on the  Sybase Site.

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ActiveSync 4.5 and file transfer problems with AT & T Tilt

This is the second time I had to completly remove ActiveSync 4.5 and reinstall it. Repair does not work. I have checked the connectivity as much as I can, it is not a connection problem. It is something to
do with the program associated with file transfers.
Connection details that you may see on your My Network Connections on your computer

Here is the display of the PING results. I pinged both the default gateway as well as the device according to the above.

Well, ActiveSync is not all that 'Active' is it?

Look forward to my next article on PACKT  with the tentative title,
"Deploying SQL Anywhere 11 to the Mobile Platform"

The previous article on PACKT was at:
A Simple Pocket PC Application using Visual Studio 2005

Comcast WiFi Beta - Good News

And it is about time. ...

Good to know that you can get internet access without an additional provider for your outdoor activities. If you are already a comcast customer you can access internet using WiFi at most New Jersey Commuter Stations. You need a WiFi enabled Laptop. Of course it should be possible with a 3G Phone as well.

The WiFi service is comcastWiFi and you need your comcast authentication to get in.