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You better get started on XAML

Microsoft Windows Phone is getting serious

A new training kit was released recently.
You have to know XAML if you are thinking of developing for Windows Phone. No XAML No Windows Phone.

The program comes with an emulator built in. In earlier versions you needed to download emulators and it was an hassle.

I tried out a couple of samples provided in the kit. Here is a slightly modified Hello World sample screen shots.
This is the UI you design in the Main page which is in XAML

keyboard is built in.

You enter your text in the text box after bringing up the emulator and type in your text using the soft keyboard. You may need to navigate to have the full functionality of the keyboard.
You get somehting like this typed in.
There is a little bit of code behind to hook it up to the click event.

Now I click. Voila! the phone displays the message.