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Develop a Side Menu App using Intel XDK - Part 6

This post is a continuation of my previous post (Develop a Side Menu App using Intel XDK - Part 5) and describes considerations in adding images and some text to the content. In the present post it is shown on just one page of the app.

As an image is worth a thousand words, adding images is very important in app development. As I am writing an app that has about two to three dozen images I wanted to find out what would be an optimum size for an image. Although I am still debating, I created four images resized to represent from 100% to 25%.

The Intel XDK UI allowed me to place the images using the image icon which brings in the default image, Stabburg.jpg which had the following details, 500x448 pixels with a file size of 31.68 KB.

Placing images and re-sizing
Click on Image Control and drag it to a page and the image is added to the page. Placing an image control on a page automatically adds in the Stabburg.jpg.


Clicking on the image opens the image properties window a…