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What do you need for developing Android apps on Windows?

First of all you need Android Studio and for Windows you can download Android Studio 3.0 here. Of course you need to accept the license terms.

Once you download the file you will be taken to the installing directions page here.

Review this page's image here:

Run the downloaded executable and follow the wizard.

Get started with Thimble by registering

Just signing up for Thimble gets you this page...

I signed up and this is where I landed. It is an untitled project.


The file icon brings this up.


Click Add a Tutorial adds this page-tutorial.html


You can type over Untitled with a name of your own and click Save.


Let us see what Publish would do. Click Publish.

Provide some description here:


Click Publish

It gets published here:

The tutorial page is found at:

Very fast, no fuss. That's great.
Look forward to more on Thimble at this site.

Get Thimble to design your web pages now!

It is from It is free and has many cool features. It's Remix mode allows you easily modify existing Thimble projects to suit your requirements.

Thimble is a one-stop program bundling code editor, web server, web browser and developer tools.

It has an unbelievable number of cool features. Sure, I will test drive it!

Make a change and see your changes in real timeHas handy code snippetsHas a built-in JavaScript consoleAdd your files (drag and drop) and manage themHas both dark and light themesEmbedded tutorials-follow or create OKGet code hintsEdit CSS right in the HTML filePublish to WebPick colors in the editorTest project on your mobile deviceHas a DOM inspector to work with HTML elementsHas Image filtersTake selfies
You start here.

Here is a video that explains it all:

Compiling a Typescript file using the command-line

Please read the post about downloading the latest Typescript here.

Once you have downloaded Typescript file, you can compile it using the command tsc from the C:\ prompt.

Here is a Typescript file, Person.ts:
interface Person {
    age: number,
    name: string,
    say(): string

let mike = {
    age: 25,
    say: function() {
        return "My name is " + +
               " and I'm " + this.age + " years old!"

function sayIt(person: Person) {
    return person.say();
Save it to a location of your choice as shown.


Now compile it using the command tsc as shown here:

C:\Users\Owner> tsc Person.ts

The program compiles it to a JavaScript file as shown:


The JavaScript file now reads as shown:
var mike = {
    age: 25,
    name: "Mike",
    say: fun…

Download now: Typescript 2.5 is available

You can download TypeScript2.5 right now.


You can download the command-line TypeScript compiler as a Node.js package.  It is supported in more programs including Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2015.
Your environment has been set up for using Node.js 6.11.1 (x64) and npm.
C:\Users\Owner>npm install -g typescript
C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\npm\tsserver -> C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\typescript\bin\tsserver
C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\npm\tsc -> C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\typescript\bin\tsc
`-- typescript@2.5.3
One way to download Node.js is described here (

How do you use the compiler?
Create a program with extension .ts and you can call it from command line using the command
>tsc program.ts

The complier retu…