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Wishing you all a wonderful and Happy New Year

I wish you one and all a Very Happy New Year

Hope I can do better in the coming years.

Develop a Side Menu App using Intel XDK - Part 4

In the Previous post (also read Note 2 at the bottom) we used the designer to link the items on the Side bar menu to display the linked pages on the display. We also noticed that after going to Favorites from Home, there was no way to return to Home.

In this post we will be adding a Back Button to the Favorites page so that when we click on it we return to the Home page. If this succeeds we do the same for Messages and Profile pages.

If you find only page#mainpage, add three more pages named, 'FAVORITES', 'MESSAGES' and 'PROFILE'.

Bring up the Favorites page by clicking on page#Favorites in the Pages menu as shown.


We take off the text 'FAVORITES'. The page now appears as shown. It is empty now.


Now we add a header to this page. Header is in the Layout group as shown.


Click on Header in LAYOUT and drag it out to the page#Favorites as shown. You will see some color changes as shown.


When you drop it on…

New Stuff: Windows 10 November Build Update 10586

I had build 10240 which developed some problems after a regular Windows 10 Update (not the build update) following a Trojan attack.

This post is for a Toshiba Laptop running Windows 10 Pro. The changes that you see in a tablet or a Windows 10 Mobile( what I have is the Preview on Nokia Icon) will be quite different. Although Microsoft has Windows 10 on all device sizes, it is really not possible to have the same kind of settings, of course the core is the same, the bells and whistles are different.

Windows 10 Build 10568

I decided to get the latest update, the November Update 10568. This has a lot of new features  as described in one of the web sites mentioned towards the bottom of this post. I wanted to see if the changes are really there, and if they are, how effective they are. The following are some of the changes that I find mostly in Settings and Display.

Enable colored title bars

It does work as shown for Notepad.exe. Off On

Disable Backgroupd Image on Login Screen

Show more tiles o…

Windows 10 Mobile will not be in this year

Looks like it is pushed out to early 2016. Looks like Microsoft has lost steam. The problem is Microsoft has too many coals in the fire. This is what I found on which I quote here:

"This November we introduced Windows 10 to phones including brand new features such as Continuum and Universal Windows Apps with the introduction of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will begin rolling out early next year to select existing Windows 8 and 8.1 phones."

Anyway for my Nokia Icon I updated the Windows 10 Mobile preview build version to 10586.36 (aka November Update Build 10586).  This is supposed to bring in some new enhancements that you should be ssing in your Settings.

Even if Windows 10 Mobile is released there is no reason to entertain the idea that Verizon will update the version. Going my previous experience with Windows 8.1, it may just be possible sometime much later is 2016. I will not be interested as I will be getting out of the 'contract&#…

How do fix a broken Windows 10 Mail app?

Windows 10 Mail App stops responding and probably Calendar and People apps as well. When you click on the app nothing happens. You go to settings to see if you can uninstall. You will find there is no uninstall for this. It is part of the operating system and you cannot uninstall it.

This happened on my Windows 10 Pro on my Toshiba Satellite S70 series as well as Toshiba's Windows tablet running Windows 10.

What now?

You can run the following (System File Checker) on the command-line with elevated permissions. It will try to verify and fix problems with files (

However, this did not solve the problem on both the devices.

Next following this thread I launched Windows PowerShell with elevated permissions and ran the following statement (it appears the problem is due to some permissions with Windows Store) :

Get-appxprovisionedpackage –online | where-object {$_.packagename –like "*windowscommunic…

Develop a Side Menu App using Intel XDK - Part 3

In this post you will learn how to hook up the link controls to the pages to achieve Page Navigation.
This is part 3 of SideMenu Project. If you just landed here, please review Parts 1 and 2 at the following links:
Part 1:Creating a Intel XDK project using a template; SideMenu project UI, SideMenu on iPhone6 emulator
Part 2: Review of Controls and Layout as well as working with Pages. Pages in a SideMenu

If you want the next part, go here.
We have seen in earlier posts, the Side Menu list consisting of,
HomeFavoritesMessagesProfile The last three list items have their own icons from the icon's list previously seen.
For example, the HTML code for the Favorites page (Click Favorites and review the HTML Preview) as shown is,

The navigation scheme should bring in the page (one of the four) to the v…

WebRTC and Microsoft Edge

WebRTC makes web pages to see and hear through the camera, microphone, speaker etc available to the device displaying the web pages. With this two people can communicate with visual and audio support and even share data.

WebRTC stands for Web-based Real-Time Communications. It is free and the WebRTC project provides mobile applications and browsers to have communication capabilities using simple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  Since voice and video are involved it is complicated because of various standards it has to contend with.

WebRTC is supported on most browsers except Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is the preferred browser for Windows 10 (all device types).

 Microsoft is not in the list having differences over some of the details such as Google's VP8 video codec to become the default.

Microsoft has its own web based communication which is called CU-RTC-WEB. Microsoft acquired Skype which has browser-based version of voice and video calling application …

Bestow native capability to Web Apps with Cardova

Web apps are apps built using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. This is no different than building a web site with HTML and JavaScript. Your web app is just the web view that will render the HTML/CSS/JavaScript files. Unfortunately this by itself is not enough except for some simple applications. However if you need access to native hardware like camera, accelerometer etc then Cardova plugins can provide access to those native capabilities.

Cardova plugins consist of a JavaScript file and a code files for a given platform. Cardova maps the native code to JavaScript specific for the platform (iOS, Android, Windows) to care of implementing the native devices.

Here is a list of many Cardova Plugins.

Develop a Side Menu App using Intel XDK - Part 2

In this post we take a look at the Layout and Controls as well as working with the pages. We will also learn how the SIDEMENU relates to the pages. I assume he have reviewed  Part 1.

Let us take a look at the Controls that are available for the Side Menu App. Launch Intel XDK and open the project SideMenu from the previous post. The JavaScript code for this app  is from the appFramework.

In the main MENU, DEVELOP click on the switch that toggles between CODE and DESIGN after you have clicked on index.html.

The  app framework CONTROLS are as shown in this image.


All nodes have been collapsed and you can expand them by clicking on the item, say LAYOUT.
This expands to reveal the controls related to LAYOUT as shown. In addition to HEADERS and FOOTERS you can arrange the layout using, row, column and side-by-side. You could also use CARD style controls either the CARD, CARD COLUMNS or CARD GRID


Collapse the LAYOUT and click on ORGANIZATION to display the followi…