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I bought the <$50 UbiSlate from Datawind

I just unpacked my UbiSlate 7Ci tablet. I switched on and the 'android' logo came up rather quickly.

It can be used for communications if you have a WIFI available. Getting on to WiFi was also easy, what was not easy is the WEP password which is rather long (not the fault of Ubi). It has quite a few built-in apps and more can be downloaded. It also has a port for extra memory. It is charged by a USB cable powered by the mains energy (110V). It has two browsers, Chrome and Ubi proprietary and both worked well. Here are some specifications: •1GHz Cortex A8 processor •512MB RAM •OS : 4.0.3 Android •7″ inches Capacitive TouchDisplay •4GB of internal memory •Wi-Fi •180 minutes on a single charge. •language including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil & Other 

Transfer albums from iPad, iPhone etc effortlessly

Sometimes you need to transfer photos or albums from your iPad to your Windows PC. You can find a number of Apps on Apple Store to do this. Most of them use some form of connectivity with WiFi being the most popular. Unfortunately you end up spending time reading manuals or troubleshooting information.

Here is the easiest way of doing without downloading any APP but using the stuff you already should be having.

There is only one step in this procedure:

You do not need anything other than what you should be having.

Hook your iPad (firmware 7.0.4) connector's USB end to the Windows OS (Windows 7 x64 Ultimate)  computer's USB Drive (assume that the other end is connected to iPad). The Windows computer recognizes the connection and now click Start | Computer and you should be able to see your Apple iPad as shown.

If you open the DCIM folder that is displayed when you double click Apple iPad in the above it will be empty.

After sometime you get an iPad message on your iPad, Tru…

Huawei's 4G LTE Cat4 has great features

4G LTE Cat4 has download speeds of 150 Mbps; battery that lasts 2.5 days with a single charge (4050 mAhs re-chargeable battery) and a 6.1" screen wide enough to enjoy movies.

The 13 MP camera is easy to use to capture great moments with extraordinary details and true life like colors. What is more, it even has a "gloves" mode and you can even use your gloved hands (Cold climate) to work its screen. Don't worry it has a 'drive mode' that helps you voice operated commands for hands-off operation".  The operating system is: AndroidTM Jelly Bean OS
This high speed seamless streaming and the super fast web page loading makes this extremely attractive, an experience that  can last full two days.

Detailed specifications can be found here:

Here are a few items copied from the above site:
* Product information for reference only, the actual may vary by regio…

Do not get into two year contracts, avoid them like plague

I cannot but echo the sentiments of John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile when he said,

"Carriers have counted on staggered contract end dates and hefty early termination fees to keep people bound to them forever. But now families can switch to T-Mobile without paying a single red cent to leave them behind".

 May be you should take up T-Mobiles offer detailed here:

"T-Mobile offers to pay termination fees"

In my experience with AT & T, my two year contract has been a pain point with their poor phone (made by Samsung) and their not so supportive support staff. I am just itching to get out of the two year contract ending February.

The phone battery was a trash which never functioned except for about a year. Now it works only if it is hooked to wall plug. See here details:
I only use the alarm function (as I make very few calls) these days and use my wife's Nokia phone for telephoning.

Are you short of cash and want a tablet? A tablet under $40

Get yourselves a UbiSlate with Android OS starting under $40.

Go no further you can buy it from here. The specs, the price, the details all in one place.

Here is a picture story of Akash 3 Here is a link to my Akash 4 post:

It all started with Sony Walkman

Well It all started with Sony Walkman and now you have Smartlet. It is an accessory that lets you wear your iPhone on your wrist. It is not just a strap-on but lot more functional. It has a uni-directional locking mechanism that makes it slip-on, slip-off easily.

iPhones are little awkward to carry and you can see lots of people fumbling in their handbags to take it out and now it is right on your wrist (I am sure you will remember it is there).

Actually you may almost call it a wrist watch but that will be a little stretch.

Get more details here:

Here are some pictures from the smartlet site for my blog readers:

You can wear it 3+ ways

Let Siri do the talking

Happy New Year - 2014

Wishing you all a more prosperous and a more eventful New Year.