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Live Search for Windows Mobile 6

Microsoft's Live Search is now available for Mobile 6. You can find stuff more easily and even locate yourself easily. Lots of reasons why this is good for you.

Download link for Live Search for Windows Mobile:

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Mobile 6; Windows Mobile 6 Classic; Windows Mobile 6 Professional; Windows Mobile 6 Standard; Windows Mobile 6.1


Download the CAB file and place it in the HTC-8900MyDocuments.
Connect your AT and Tilt to the laptop/desktop
Connect the USB cable between LapTop/PC and the Tilt
When the devices synchronizes you should see the Live Search cab file
on your device. I saved it to my 2GB storage card on my mobile.

Now click on the cab file. It gets installed and you should see a shortcut icon
on your device.

Some Tilt Problems I recently encountered

1. In the past one week the "ON" switch did not start the

    mobile device. This is the 3rd time this has happanned
   within this year. I hope this will not become a daily affair.

The fix:
Open the cover in the back, and take out
the battery and put it back.

2. The ActiveSync got switched to (in)ActiveSync. What I
    mean is I could see the device related folders on my
    laptop but I could not see any files on my mobile device. I am
   sure the USB cable was OK because I could see the "Mobile
   Device" in MyComputer on the laptop as well as in my network

The fix:
I downloaded the latest ActiveSync4.5 and tried to run. It
aborted. I went back to Control Panel and removed the existing
ActiveSync. I tried the new installation [Activesync4.5msi, 7.52MB]
again. This time it was OK. It should be trivial because I am
not synchronizing with MS Outlook. I just swap folders.
If you want to synchronize with your Outlook then yo need to
create a '…

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 16-19 February 2009, Blue Earth Debut

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
This is theGSMA world Congress showcasing all that is important to the mobile industry. All types of stake holders will meet, leaders, equipment makers, mobile operators etc.

Blue Earth debut
Samsung will be unveiling its Blue Earth mobile phone with the following features:

Its appearance is blue, but it is really 'Green'


It has one side studded with solar cells and looks like you need very little or no power to operate It is made of recycled plastic A built-in pedometer that is both a activity monitor as well asa meter to check how much you saved by not driving [in tree saved units].

What I think should happen next?

1. Each individual uploads the savings he /she made to a national database and this will help in accurately accessing carbon-di-oxide emissions.

2. Create a little receptacle at the roof of your car into which the solar active side of the Blue Earth can slip into. When you open the door arrange to pick it up with an audio signal…