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Voice Mail Navigation path for AT & T Tilt

Here is the navigation tree used in setting up the voice mail on your Tilt. I received this figure from AT & T. The problem was that the Voice Prompts for setting up the mail was too fast and the minimum password requirements were not available in the manual.

Here are some of those password rules:
It cannot begin with a 0 or 19.It cannot end with 9.It cannot be a repetition of numbers, such as 2222.It cannot be a simple string of numbers, such as 1234 or 6789It cannot be customer's wireless number.Here is the scheme for setting up voice mail:

AT & T Tilt and Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5

AT&T's OS platform is Windows Mobile 6.1 and ActiveSync is like a pipeline connecting your Windows XP Desktop (or Laptop) and your Windows Mobile device which in the present case is AT & T Tilt. For ActiveSync to work with your device you need to run the setup disc that AT & T ships with the product that has the ActiveSync 4.5 on it. You may also download this program from Microsoft site at:

In my case, the CD did not pickup. I explored the program and installed it (ugh! minor annoyance).

After this all you need to do is to run a USB cable (AT & T Supplied) between the Tilt and the PC or Lap Top. As long as this connection is in place you may not be able to access the Internet. The USB Cable connection also doubles up as a charging setup for the Tilt.

After installing ActiveSync on your Laptop(Desktop) you should see a folder HTC-9000 My Documents. The contents of this folder are synchroniz…

AT & T Tilt

I recently got fed up with the Verizon's dropped calls and signed up with AT & T for a 2 year trial [Exchanged the 'hear me now' to 'more bars in more places']. Now I have a AT & T Tilt. This is based on Windows Mobile 6.1. I am planning to look it over.

The CD that came with the box was pretty useless. It asks again and again for Adobe 8.0 (even after removing all versions of Adobe and reinstalling 8.0). That was some what tiring. The time out for display appears so fast I keep tilting it often.

The autosync is not too dissimilar to the little program that Windows 95 had for syncronizing the files on floppy. You just connect the AT & T Tilt to your USB drive and you are ready to go.

Here is one of my recent articles on Pocket PC using the emulator on VS 2K5

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