Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Original Equipment Manufacturers to produce Windows Phones

Announcements made at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain indicate Windows Phone will be manufacctured by 13 more OEMs.

The list follows:


Additional OEMs to manufacture mobile devices with Windows OS
Gionee (New Delhi, India),
Karbonn Mobiles,
Lava (Xolo),
Longcheer (Shanghai) and

This is going to be interesting. Manufacturing based in China and India would provide very healthy competition which is going to be tough. India's own Askash phones may also join (speculation) in this group which appears to be android based.

With so many new vendors and the vast population who are already very mobile, this market is going to grow and Microsoft will see better times for its Phone OS.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Forget about Cable TV get Aereo

  • How much do you pay for watching TV over the cable? 
  • How many channels they offer and how many of them do you really watch or really want? 
  • Are the fees they charge reasonable considering what you want and what they offer? 
  • What about channels they offer and charge for them? You want to get away from the Cable TV guys? Here is your chance.

Well, Aereo will at least make it lot cheaper for the users. It may not offer 3 to 400 channels (very few useful or the ones you care to watch) but the price is very good, about 8 to 10 times lower. It is only available in some cities now but spreading rapidly. I guess it will take a long time to reach the Hawaiian Islands.

The cable companies are not keeping quite and the battle appears to be raging and reaching the highest legal levels . This following quote is from Bloomberg regarding this case:

"The justices yesterday agreed to hear an appeal by media companies including Walt Disney Co. (DIS)’s ABC, 21st Century Fox Inc. (FOX), Comcast Corp. (CMCSA)’s NBCUniversal and CBS Corp. (CBS) They contend that Aereo, which is backed by Barry Diller, violates their copyrights by using thousands of dime-sized antennas to obtain broadcast signals without paying fees."

Here is are some pictures from Aereo and  Digital Trends sites.

Your route to getting signals from the cloud

Supported devices and browsers. More will be coming soon

Here is the antenna from Aereo, the image on the right is an array of antennae. 

  The locations where it is available are shown here (sold out in NY)

LG G Flex the World's first curvaceous smart phone from LG

Priced at around $672.00 LG's LG G Flex - G series phone is World Number 1 curved smart phone.
It has (deformable) 6" HD Display and that is how you get the immersive & cinematic viewing experience

  • True-to-life colors like in most of the recent phones
  • 13 MP camera to snap up crisp images and videos.
  • Thanks to organic LED screen you can bend it. I have to wait and see if bending makes for an immersive experience.
  • It is ergonomic.
  • It has self-healing paint and that should take care of bend/unbend operations and I am not sure how many of such bends.

Here are some screen shots and of course a Video from the LG Site embedded in this post.

The video is here: