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Lenovo's IdealPad Yoga 13 and Yoga 11

Yoga is not only for the health conscious world wide, it is also coming to a nearby PC Store.
Lenovo unvieled the latest of their products to hit the US Consumers anytime soon. They are (,
The IdeaPad Yoga 13 (Windows 8 Pro)Yoga 11 (Windows RT)ThinkPad TwistIdeaLab Lynx The Yoga products 11 and 13 can open 360 degrees, Here is a copied schematic picture of the possible openings from the eWeek site( Is it 360 degs or a little less, I wonder.

The touch-centric Windows 8 a game changer is behind all these new products. Wall Street talking heads say Microsoft's Windows 8 will not help the bottom line because of PC problems. We just have to wait and see.

I close this post with a prayer to Patanajali who placed Yoga on an easy to access format.

Yogena cittasya padena vacam |
malam sarirasya ca vaidyakena |