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GSMA's Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015

MWCS 2015 will be held in Shanghai, China during 15-17 July of 2015. MWCS is one of the minor events of the Mobile World Congress.
The main events are the following: International MVNO SummitMobile Internet SummitEnterprise IoT SummitSmart City Summit The Mobile Internet Summit is about quoting MWCS :

"As 4G networks continue to be implemented across domestic markets and smart phone sales burgeon, mobile users spend more time on the internet through their devices than ever before. Mobile Internet serves not only users – through news, entertainment, shopping and social networking – but also businesses: traditional IT, marketing and cloud-based companies. As enterprise systems migrate to the cloud, mobile Internet and mobile broadband are the fastest growing business in the mobile industry, influencing convergent industries with new business concepts and services."

The questions that will be answered,

* What will be the next hot revenue stream in consumer and business based mo…

SQLite is widely used in Mobile devices

SQlite is a serverless SQL Database that does not require a separate server process. You do not need a configuration (Zero configuration) and it does not need any administration. The whole database is stored in a single cross-platorm disk (or on your mobile device). It is very popular and widely used with mobile applications as the database is stored in the device and can be used without network connection. No external dependencies.

SQLite as opposed to client/server relational database engines is serverless and it's use is indicated where efficency, reliability, independence and simplicity are required and it does not look for a shared repository. SQLite trasactions are fully ACID-compliant. SQLite supports most query languages that are SQL92 compliant and it is written in ANSI-C which provides simple APIs.

SQLite is available on Linux, Mac OS-x, Android, iOS and Windows 32, WinCE and WinRT platforms.

SQLite download from here:
Read more here:


Finally you can multitask on some iPADs

Apple was loved by the masses in hordes but it lacked features to attract enterprises. Multitasking is something you do routinely on PCs and on quite a few tablets. In its latest embodiment (iOS 9) the Apple iPad has provided multitasking capability. Now enterprises can work with multiple apps at the same time.

With the Slide Over feature, you could split the screen display and look at two different apps.

There is also the pic-in-pic feature which allows you to see video and another app at the same time.

All these features will be available in the following:
iPad AirAir 2Mini 2Mini 3 Finally Apple has gotten itself ready to provide features that are available in Windows Surface and Samsung Android.

Review all iOS 9 features here (pics above from here):

In Microsoft Windows 10 rationality takes center stage

Verily, I say unto you, out of chaos a star is born

Microsoft created a number of OSs to address diverse devices it had to contend with. This has resulted in a number of OSs with their own toolset and deployment strategies: such as,
Windows CE Windows EmbeddedWindows MobileWindows DesktopWindows ServerXbox OS Windows 10 has boldly replaced all of them with UAP, the Windows 10 Universal Application Platform. With UAP you need only to build once and it would run on any Windows 10 device.
However devices are not built the same way across device types.

In addition to Windows 10 UAP you would also need to target your application to specific device family be it desktop, be it mobile, or something different. So one way to address this is by adding reference to extension SDK for the device family.

Here is how you would add a reference to Windows Mobile extension SDK from an article by Nick Randolph

In a real world diverse devices exist with their own specificities driven by economic, manufact…

Review Toshiba Encore 2 WT-10A

I have been using this tablet for more than some 9 months. I exchanged my Apple tablet to this one and paid the difference. The Apple tablet was also OK but the persistent problems (calls to Apple Store to set up a schedule, etc was too often) with email made me do this exchange. I am happy I did.

This has Windows 8.1 OS and the Wi-Fi works great. Printing to my Canon MX printer is so easy as well as prjecting my screen on to our Samsung Smart TV just as easy.
As it supports multiple-users, I have other users loging in as well. The software keyboard works fine and the extra storage options like the microUSM and MicroSCD are so usefull.
The one problem I have faced sometimes with this tablet is the on/off key and I do not know the exact duration I need to push to get it starting.

I bought the tablet cover from Toshiba direct and it is very reliable and easy to use.

I am quite satisfied with Toshiba products and I have been using them for over a decade.

Here are the specs of this ta…

Windows 10 coming to a PC / Tablet near you

Terry Myerson of Microsoft today announced the release date. The wait is over, it will be available starting July 29. In fact Cortana told me this morning (if you do not have Cortana you can hear here:

It will be first available for PCs and Tablets on Windows 7 with SP1 and Windows 8.1. For the Windows Phone there will be a delay, probably within the year.

It will be really available on all Windows devices. Review this quote,

“We designed Windows 10 to run our broadest device family ever, including Windows PCs, Windows tablets, Windows phones, Windows for the Internet of Things, Microsoft Surface Hub, Xbox One and Microsoft HoloLens—all working together to empower you to do great things."

The Start menu is back and many of these are upgraded or new: Microsoft EdgeCortanaOffice on Windows (Office 216 + universal Windows Apps for office [available separately])Xbox Live and the integr…