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Display problems with AT & T Tilt

I have recently started seeing some malformed displays and I am interested in knowing if others have seen these weirdos.

Here are some samples.

Skyfire browser for AT & T Tilt

It appears that Skyfire is a better browser than the defult installed browser for the Tilt.

Skyfire browser site info:

Product site: http://GET.SKYFIRE.COM

This browser is only for Phones.

It runs on the following:
HTC Tilt (A T & T Tit)
HTC Touch
HTC Fuze
Motorola Q and Q9
Palm 800W
Samsung BlackjackII

Three ways to install:
Go to website
Send a text message from the above site to your cell phone
Install thru' PC

To install thru' PC you will download a CAB file(Skyfire-SMP.CAB 556 kb). You can then use ActiveSync.