Samsung Galaxy S6 edge upends iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone6 has a bigger screen but Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge has more cool features.

Well first of all there is a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Size-wise they are same and most features same too.

Dual edge of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy s6

Both have a Metal body and gorllia glass cover and the specs are almos the same.
Both have same specs
It has a new Octa-core Exynos 7 Processor that may be sloweer in speed but good at multi-tasking.

Some summarized specs here:

  • AMOLED Screens, 2560x1440, 577 PPI and 3GB RAM
  • No more microSD card but fixed; 32,64 or 128GB
  • Improved Finger Print Scanner
  • Both have 16 MPixel cameras and Optical Image Stabilization
  • 5MP Selfie Camera
  • Touch your finger print scanner and camera is ready to shoot
  • Infra-red capable heart rate sensor on the rare
  • Continuous autofocus to capture crisp moving objects
  • Better lowlight performance
No replacement batteries and expandable storage (only option fixed storage). Anyway replaceable batteries were no better. Mine got hot, hotter and final bulged!

These two phones derive a lot from iPhone6 except for the over all size compared to Apple iPbone6. But who cares? Xiaomi did it and so many others will.  I am sure Galaxy 6 Edge will be facing iPhone 6 in the more critical Chinese market where it has slipped to 3rd place.

The glowing edges customized to your contacts messaging is very novel and make it more desirable and have an edge (no pun intended) over Apple's iPhone 6 +.

Here is a promo video on YouTube

Read more of these here:
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