Look out for Windows 8 Phone soon

Welcome Windows 8 Phone


A billion people cannot be wrong; Windows 8 Phone is based on Windows OS.

Windows 8 Phone was officially announced today and it will be available at a kiosk near  you by the end of the year.

Windows OS is used by more than a billion people and the new Windows 8 Phone is built on this rock-solid foundation. Windows 8 Phone will have the same attractive common feature set as Windows 8 related to:
·         Networking
·         Security
·         Media and Brower technology
·         File system

Look at this gamut of features that the new phone will usher:
(The following taken from the blog: )

·         Multi-core processor support: As reviewers have noted, Windows Phone runs buttery smooth on phones with a single processor. But piggybacking on the Windows core provides support for multiple cores—so we’re ready for whatever hardware makers dream up.

·         Bigger, sharper screens: Windows Phone 8 supports two new screen resolutions—1280x768 and 1280x720, opening the door to amazing new handsets with high-definition 720p displays.

·         More flexible storage: Windows Phone 8 supports removable MicroSD cards, so you can stuff your phone with extra photos, music, and whatever else is important to you, and then easily move it all onto your PC.

·         NFC wireless sharing: If you haven’t heard the term “NFC” yet, I’m betting you soon will. This emerging wireless technology lets phones share things over short distances. In Windows Phone 8, it helps make sharing photos, Office docs, and contact info easier—just tap your phone another NFC-equipped device. How cool is that?

I              If you have not heard of NFC please review my previous post.  (not from blog)  

·         Internet Explorer 10: The next version of Windows Phone comes with the same web browsing engine that’s headed for Window 8 PCs and tablets. IE10 is faster and more secure, with advanced anti-phishing features like SmartScreen Filter to block dangerous websites and malware.

·         Wallet: Windows Phone 8’s new digital Wallet feature does two great things. It can keep debit and credit cards, coupons, boarding passes, and other important info right at your fingertips. And when paired with a secure SIM from your carrier, you can also pay for things with a tap of your phone at compatible checkout counters.

·         Better maps and directions: Windows Phone 8 builds in Nokia mapping as part of the platform. Our partnership will provide more detailed maps and turn-by-turn directions in many countries, plus the ability to store maps offline on your phone so you can work with maps without a data connection.

·         Cooler apps and games: Basing Windows Phone 8 on the Windows core will unleash a new wave of amazing apps and especially games, for reasons I’ll touch on in a moment.

Together with the release of Windows Phone 8 there appears to be Windows phone 7.8.

The reason for this is to assure the Windows 7 (7.5?) users that they can use the same start screen as Windows 8. It appears Windows 8 will not run on existing hardware.

What a pity, just as I was getting used to my Samsung Focus with Windows 7, Microsoft pulled the rug under my feet.:@

How many apps on Windows 8 Phone?

Well it looks like 10,000 and counting. The number is really immaterial, what matters is their usefulness.

Here is a quick scoop for developers. Sure, you get all the needed stuff:

·         Native Code Support
·         In-app purchase
·         Integrate Internet calling
·         Multitasking enhancements

Well, of course there will be an SDK as well. That should satisfy your thirst!

I suppose this will all encompass all bits and piece , Skype, PayPal, Twilio and many others. 

Read more details from the horse's mouth here.
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