This Samsung phone battery was a trash

The contract with AT& T for phone usage was for 2 years. The battery died after 15 months. For a further one month it charged but did not hold any charge. Finally it fell from table to ground about 3' differential. I tried to put it back, but the back lid would not close. I noticed that the battery had a bulge in the center. It appears to have bloated.

The Windows OS was OK and it performed well as expected, but the hardware was another thing. The location of the volume switch is not ideal on this phone. It frequently got into the lowest setting (normal handling fumbling for camera switch which is on the other side mower end) and quite a few calls were not picked up.

I am not sure if the battery was made where it is supposed to have been made(!). It says Japan but how am I to make it sure.

It appears that the battery markings need some editing besides its innards which requires overhaul. This battery is not carried by AT &T and not available at Radio Shack (this may be Honolulu's problem). I need to hunt for this battery on line.

This battery sucks!!

Is it made in Japan or China? Make up your mind SAMSUNG!

The battery should be covered by the contract. 

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