World's cheapest tablet for $25

I am assuming $1 about 60 RS which changes daily.

The subsidized tablet Akash 4 (Akash means sky) conceived in 2011 to put a tablet in every student's hand in India will go on sale on January 2014. It appears that Datawind of UK had the exclusive contract to make this device which now will be tendered and some 18 manufacturers have shown strong interest. It will eventually cost RS 1500.

4G enabled tablet will with approximate dimension of 7"comes with 4GB internal storage extendable to 32GB with a SD card. It will have a scratch resistant touch screen and will support Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G,and 4G connectivity. It should weigh about 500gm and sport a front camera. Battery time around 3 hours with video or 5 hours browsing the internet.

Follow the complete story here:

For the first pictures of Akash (more correctly Aakaash)
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