Features in Windows 10 OS you would love

Continuum -seamless switching to desired device type from PC to tablet, touchscreen, mouse or keyboard OK. To go from one to the other release the keyboard and you have a tablet.

Cortana comes to PC beefed up and beaming. Use search bar to call her. You can ask her to do most things like play music, answer questions, send emails; launch apps, open files etc.

Project Spartan browser is a browser made for windows 10 using a brand new engine, very fast, with built-in annotations that you can implement right on the web page; better reading with reading mode, auto saving for off line use, also Cortana integrated. Built-in PDF Viewer included.

Office suite rebuilt for Windows 10 with new mail client. Office apps work across device types from phone to PC.

Photos: auto-saving, grouping; collection-view of photos indexed. auto-enhancement of photos,

XBox enhancements: Xbox app for Windows 10 a more 'social and interactive' interface. Apps can be moved from Windows 10 to XBox One.

How can you get your hands on Windows 10 now?
Become an insider
download a preview copy

Watch this Micrsoft Video from the insiders site;

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