GSMA's Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015

MWCS 2015 will be held in Shanghai, China during 15-17 July of 2015. MWCS is one of the minor events of the Mobile World Congress.
The main events are the following:
  • International MVNO Summit
  • Mobile Internet Summit
  • Enterprise IoT Summit
  • Smart City Summit
The Mobile Internet Summit is about quoting MWCS :

"As 4G networks continue to be implemented across domestic markets and smart phone sales burgeon, mobile users spend more time on the internet through their devices than ever before. Mobile Internet serves not only users – through news, entertainment, shopping and social networking – but also businesses: traditional IT, marketing and cloud-based companies. As enterprise systems migrate to the cloud, mobile Internet and mobile broadband are the fastest growing business in the mobile industry, influencing convergent industries with new business concepts and services."

The questions that will be answered,

* What will be the next hot revenue stream in consumer and business based mobile internet services?
* Can mobile operator companies and internet companies open up and work together?
* What are the challenges ahead for the market?
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