The Microsoft Flagship Smatphones with Windows 10 coming to a Microsoft Store near you

Both Lumia 950 and 950XL are the latest Microsoft plastic-bodied smartphones with Windows 10 OS. These are the newest flagship Microsoft phones with WIndows 10. Both phones have similar cameras with the 950L having options for video recording not available in 950. These are expected to appear in Microsoft Stores in November 2015.

950XL (unlocked):
5.7"  display with 1440x2560
20MP camera with ZEISS optics
4K Video recording
3340 mAh battery
32GB storage/microSD 2TB
Wireless charging OK
USB Type C connectivity
950 (only available on AT&T):
5.2" display with 1440x2560
20MP Camera
4K Video recording
3000 mAh battery
Supports MicroSD
Wireless charging OK
USB Type C connectivity
For detailed spec here is the link:
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