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This course is offered by ESRI.

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This is announced on the site:
February 2, 2016: Do It Yourself GeoApps (landing page forthcoming). This (Massive Open online Course) MOOC is for anyone who wants to build geo-enabled apps that make communities smarter and businesses more successful. Anyone can learn to build apps with configurable templates like Storymaps, and with applications called Web AppBuilder and AppStudio, all with little or no coding. Coders can learn about Esri's developer resources like SDKs and APIs, and can join the GeoDev community. Four weeks, self-paced, 12-18 hours total.

Section 1: Overveiw of the Course and Geo Apps
Section 2: Geo apps for Smarter Communities
Section 3: Put Your Story on the Map
Section 4: Web Apps for Your Community
Section 5: Native Apps for your Community
Section 6; Building Geo Apps onOpen Data
Section 7: Custom Coding and the GeoDev Community
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