I gave up on Verizon for my Smart Phones

I had two Nokia Icons running Windows Phone 8.1. It was nearing two years since I bought them. If I gave up the phones to Verizon I would have gotten a total of $80 in store credits for the two phones. However, I am sorry to part with the Icons. They were great phones.

Verizon offered upgrades but the choice for Windows 10 were not there. There were two phones with Windows Phone 8.1 and the store assistants could not say if and when the OS will be upgraded to Windows 10. My guess based on previous experience was perhaps in two years.

I changed my carrier to AT & T and got a $100 discount on that count.
I bought two phones, an iPhone 6S and a Lumia 950 and gave my Nokia Icons in exchange, and got another $400, the latest deal.

I think I did better. Also every time I visited downtown Verizon store, I noticed that the shop assistants acted high & mighty.

Verizon is supposedly better having a greater coverage. But just for that reason I will go with a carrier.

Nice thing abouts the two new phones is that the OS is no more linked to a carrier. When Windows 10 is upgraded, I get it automatically.

Perhaps if you are in for a non-windows phone, Verizon may still be OK.
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