Microsoft's new collabortion app, GigJam

GigJam (code name 'Magic Glass") is an app that uses Cortana to coordinate and bring together data from various sources the scattered corporate data, on any of the PC, tablet or Phone. Each piece of data will be avialble on Cards (formatted by the app) and you can add/remove pieces of information on the cards and consolidate and send it over to one or more collaborators.

This information can be:

  • Read only or Editable
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous collaboration
  • Platform neutral being written using standards: HTML5, JavaScript, OAuth and REST
It is conceivable to use and colloborate not only Windows but also Apple and Android devices. The colloboration can take place even in the absence of Windows in the coloborating devices. The nice thing is that you can get away from the PCs and tablets and use just the phone. Truly mobile centric app.

Watch this video:

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