Developing a mobile app using SAP's Ultralite DB - Part1

Ultralite (formerly of Sybase but now SAP) is a compact relational database management system with many features of the bigger SQL Anywhere. It is ideal for small foot print devies like smart phones, hand-held computers, tablets, etc. Ultralite using its in-built features can synchronize with a central database or with other Ultralite databases using Mobilink.

SQL Central the managment user interface can also be used with Ultralite.

Ultralite Management can be carried out using SQL Central. The various mobile devices (more common ones) connect to the database via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

These are the following APIs that can be utilized:

Ultralite.NET              Windows Mobile
UltraLite C/C++          Windows Mobile
UltraLite C/C++          iOS
UltraLite for WinRT   Windows Phone
UltaLiteJ                       Android

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