Workaround: UWP project with Visual Studio 2017 Community

Visual Studio 2017 and accompanying Blend for Visual Studio are well suited tools for developing Universal Windows projects.

There appears to be some hard-coding in the application (I tried the recommended Hello World) and after some goading managed to load the project correctly starting with a blank template for C#. The device size in Design is hard-coded and the drop-down to choose size is greyed out.

The loaded project (Code and XAML) appears as shown.


The device size in the Design is hard-coded. The design has very little flexibility to do anything unless I manipulate via the XAML code.

However it is possible to adjust if you use the Blend as shown. The same project is now open in Blend.


Pick the size in XAML and click Save All in File menu in Blend.


Smaller device is chosen here.


Now Open the same project in Visual Studio 2017 Community and you will see that the chosen size of device appears.

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