Deploying to Windows 10 Mobile: Phone Settings

I deploy my UWP apps to Microsoft Lumia 950. One of the first things you need to do is to set it for Developers.

There are three options and you should choose Developer mode as shown here:


You should turm on option to make your phone visible to USB connections to your local network as shown here:


Also turn on remote diagnostics over USB and authentication as shown above.


Now you can connect the Windows 10 Mobile(=Lumia 950) to one of the USB connections on your laptop/computer where you are running Visual Studio 2017 used for creating Universal Windows Projects. You set up your project deploying it to the device.

Here are my phone details:
Microsoft Lumia 950
Version 1709
Windows 10 Mobile
OS Build:10.0.15254.124
Screen Res: 1440x2560

Here is HelloWorld deployed to Lumia950

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