Some Tilt Problems I recently encountered

1. In the past one week the "ON" switch did not start the

    mobile device. This is the 3rd time this has happanned
   within this year. I hope this will not become a daily affair.

The fix:
Open the cover in the back, and take out
the battery and put it back.

2. The ActiveSync got switched to (in)ActiveSync. What I
    mean is I could see the device related folders on my
    laptop but I could not see any files on my mobile device. I am
   sure the USB cable was OK because I could see the "Mobile
   Device" in MyComputer on the laptop as well as in my network

The fix:
I downloaded the latest ActiveSync4.5 and tried to run. It
aborted. I went back to Control Panel and removed the existing
ActiveSync. I tried the new installation [Activesync4.5msi, 7.52MB]
again. This time it was OK. It should be trivial because I am
not synchronizing with MS Outlook. I just swap folders.
If you want to synchronize with your Outlook then yo need to
create a 'Profile' by working with the 'Mail' icon in the Control
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