Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 16-19 February 2009, Blue Earth Debut

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

This is the GSMA world Congress showcasing all that is important to the mobile industry. All types of stake holders will meet, leaders, equipment makers, mobile operators etc.

Blue Earth debut

Samsung will be unveiling its Blue Earth mobile phone with the following features:

Its appearance is blue, but it is really 'Green'


  1. It has one side studded with solar cells and looks like you need very little or no power to operate
  2.  It is made of recycled plastic
  3.  A built-in pedometer that is both a activity monitor as well asa meter to check how much you saved by not driving [in tree saved units].

What I think should happen next?

1. Each individual uploads the savings he /she made to a national database and this will help in accurately accessing carbon-di-oxide emissions.

2. Create a little receptacle at the roof of your car into which the solar active side of the Blue Earth can slip into. When you open the door arrange to pick it up with an audio signal.
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