Wearable camcorder from Panasonic HX-A500 has great features.

You can wear it on the head without a helmet. It also has LCD monitor for spot checking and monitoring while recording. It has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity makes it possible for remote action and of course it accepts a microSD card.

Also wearable on the arm. For sports, inspection, slow motion photography and pretty much everywhere you want to capture the moment, this is the camcorder you should have.

At around $400 this should sell like hot cakes.

Recording of 3820x2160 is one of the main attractions. The frame rates are 30/25 much higher rates than the HERO3 camera (

It is also capable of 1080P at 60/50 fps and other lower resolutions at higher frame rates making it a suitable candidate for
slow motion videography. It is rugged, both water and dust proof.
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Here is a promotional video from the same source.


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