Did you know that AVG ZEN (Free download) covers Android Smart Phones?

AVG ZEN is now available as a free download. This will cover your PCs, Laptops and Android Phones & tablets but I could not add my Windows Phone. Perhaps it will come in the near future. Other vendors of security also covered multiple devices. However, AVG ZEN will evolve to include the Internet of Things to address a market that is going to skyrocket in the coming years. The keyword is evolve.

AVG Zen will not only cover the PCs but other things like, Cars, Refrigerators, Home Security devices, etc. when it evolves.

You can download and install this application from here:

I did install AVG ZEN and it was quite easy. Of course I could not add a Windows Phone. Perhaps Windows Phone, iPad etc will be covered as it evolves. Mobile devices can get it thru' Google Play.

Adding devices is to go to the device and click on AVG NET mail link to start downloading and installing on the device. My other device is now 'Pending'.

Once you have this you need to run all the other items like Protection, Performance and Privacy and Identity. I suppose the Support comes at a price, I have not gotten so far.

Free stuff, give it a try

You can watch the video on my other blog:

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