Building Web Apps with Intel XDK - Part 1

Between Native Apps and web Apps, Web Apps have a lot of advantages. It is browser based and needs a connection to the Internet. It is lightweight and a lot easier to build and develop with just the basic HTML5/CSS/JavaScript. Of course you can build better apps with Intel XDK.

Intel XDK gets frequent updates and you may have to update your app for the new builds. When you log into Intel XDK you will be taken to the App Dev Center where your projects are listed. Also note that Intel XDK has plans to discontinue the Control Center and replace it with a new interface.
For example I have a couple of them but I have not finished with them yet.
I can expand each of them to see what options I have going forward. Here is HodentekBooks expanded. I can build the project as a Web App as shown here:


In fact most of the apps here were built as a mobile app either for Windows Phone or iPhone 5.0.

I can build and test for any of the shown browsers or as a web App. This subsection 'Build as a WEB APP' is somewhat confusing since the options are three browsers and the fourth 'Web App'.
Here are more detail for building it for Firefox.


Click on Build Test for Firefox. The UI for the Web App built for Firefox is displayed as shown.

If you do not have a site icon, you can create one and with the Change Icon button to bring it into your project. The image size has to be exact 128x128, 128x127 will not do!! Click Build to build the project and you should to get a response like this:


If you want to submit to the Firefox OS market place kindly review the article that you can access with the link "Click here"

The download button provides a zip file that you can save it to your folder.


The details of building for Firefox browser are detailed here.

You can view the index.html page on any browser but it is built for Firefox. You could also use a Firefox simulator from here.

Read about Intel XDK templates here.
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