Would you swap your Lumia Icon to Lumia 735?

Verizon recently gave its Windows Phone users the option to swap their Nokia Lumia Icon to Nokia Lumia 735. It does not look like an upgrade to me at all. I went out to Microsoft Store in Ala Moana take a look at it. I was fairly disappointed and one of the store staff told me Nokia Icon is a much better smart phone than the 735.

The other piece of information (I do not know if it is true or not) he gave me was it was a Verizon specific phone. If this is true I would avoid it as Verizon does not provide proper support, like asnweering customer's questions. It took almost a year after talking to Verizon to get the Windows Phone OS to upgrade to 8.1. Probably the upgrade of 735 from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 is less stressful.

I am not sure what features are important for you but there are 41 reasons why Nokia Icon is better than Nokia Lumia 735 but only 13 reasons why Nokia 735 is better than Nokia Icon.

Looks like the capability to replace battery and be able to use an external memory appears good reasons, but with cloud service available to store pictures and such this capability is not compelling.

On the whole, I would rather stay with the Nokia Icon as it takes great pictures and videos with a view area much larger than the 735. Another Windows Phone news that is bothering is Windows Phone future. Microsoft recently laid off or going to lay off  its phone related workforce in Europe.
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