Camera comparison Nokia Lumia Icon and Microsoft Lumia 640XL

Lumia 640XL which is a little larger and a little thinner than Lumia Icon has better camera than the more recent cheap smart phones. Nokia is Verizon exclusive while 640XL is AT&T.

One of the most frequent applications I use is the camera whether getting some shots for my blogs or photographing or videoing. I have found Nokia Icon an excellent camera on the smart phones I have used.

It appears that as selfies have become very popular 640XL has a front-facing camera which has 5MP while Icon had only a 1.2MP.  As built-in software, Nokia Icon had more features than 640XL just looking at advertised full features and that means perhaps some features are not fully documented.

What I have in these two images in the post is a comparison of feature sets as found in Microsoft sites. Nokia had more out-of-the box apps than 640XL but perhaps you can always go to Windows Store and install new apps.

One thing  I am not sure is when Nokia Icon will get its Windows 10.   I suppose 640XL will get its Windows 10 earlier without hassles.

Nokia Icon
Microsoft Lumia 640XL

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