Setting up Kid's Corner on Windows 10 Phone

I do not have a Windows 10 Phone, but I do have a preview running on my Nokia Icon. The images and comments are specific to the developers preview.

Children are curious about phones and a child playing with a phone is an all too familiar scene. Yes, you should allow the child to use phone, but you should allow only things that you make sure kids can access.

Windows 10 Mobile (aka, Windows 10 phone) provides you with the feature called Kid's corner which allows your child to play with games, apps, music and videos that you add to the kid's corner.

Setting up is easy but it requires you to set up a password and /or pin. The unattended device needs the password/pin to get back. However, the child who encounters the login screen can swipe the screen from left to right to get to the Kid's corner (the child, he/she does not need passord), but can only see what you allowed them to see or play with.

I do not have Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 Mobile, but only a preview allowed for developers.
Here are some screen shots for setting up the kid's corner.

You start at Settings | Accounts or search for Kid's Corner

 Kind's Corner is displayed
 Decide what your kids should see or play; or what app to use.

 At first you need to set a password and or pin. (I had no password)

 You set a pin as well, the 4-digit pin is very useful for quick access(do not use 1111 or 0000)

 Set up sign-in duration; you can also change pin.

Well this should bring up the following:

Click OK. The next time your child can get to the Kid's Corner by swiping the login screen from left to right. 

Well, my child could not get to the Child's corner by sweeping from left to right as this is a preview program on a device ill-suited to Windows 10. I am sure there should be no problem on a supported phone.
This screen was not useful in getting to the kid's corner. I am not sure what emergency number this is supposed to call (perhaps parents' number?).

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