Intel XDK: Controls 4: Using Google Charts widget

Google Charts is a useful widget if you want to dsiplay a chart from your data on your phone using an app.

At first you need to have a chart to display.

A simple way to create a Google chart is described here. You could have also started the Google Chart Application (online) and inserted your own data. I just used the procedure at the indicated link.

Once you have a shared data, using the widget is very easy.

Drag and drop the widget as shown on your page. Disregard the Insert Text button and the Latin text.


Click on the Google Chart Widget on your designer to display the PROPERTIES window as shown.


By default it comes up with a preconfigured URL using a Google Spreadsheet created by a user who has shared his/her spreadsheet.

In its place, use the one created by you as indicated earlier. In this particular case, I used this URL from the data I imported from MS Access.


That's it really. Just click emulate and choose an emulator. This is how the page would look on iPhone 6S.

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TAB BAR Control in App Framework 7 here:
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