Use this Arduino software to work with recent Hardware

If you intend using the more recent Arduino hardware such as Arduino 101 you better use the more recent Arduino IDE 1.6.8.

Here is an image of all Arduino products.

In a previous post you reviewed using the Visual Studio 2015 with Arduino Extension. In this post you will learn how to download the latest version and install it on Windows 10 computer.

You download arduino-1.6.8-Windows.exe from here.

You begin installing by double clicking the executable.
Here are some of the installation time screen shots for your reference:

On Windows 10 it also adds a desktop App to the All Apps menu.

You launch it by double clicking the shortcut or the desktop app or the shortcut in the installation folder.
Click Tools in the main menu to find the Board Manager link ass shown. In the drop-down you can see the various hardware that can be accessed.

Click Board Manager... to open another drop-down. Scroll down to view the Arduino 101 by Intel.

That's all.

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