Intel XDK: Controls 8: Displaying Map Controls in Google Maps

The previous post described the various map controls in Google Maps. The presence of them can be seen on the map. You can use true/false with the controls to enable them on the map as shown in blue in the following HTML used in my previous post here. The lines in blue are added to enable the controls. The map control streetView is a default control and you see a Pegman icon at bottom right. The Pegman is your guide to street view, you drag him to a location on your map and you can have the street view and alter it.

Here are pictures of standard Pegman and Pegman dressed for different occasions from Google site.

---------------- You may not see the content as the Pre tag is not working!      Toured Cities - 2016    
This page in Intel XDK as Standard HTML5 application appears as shown here on a simulated iPhone6S:

In the simulated view you may not see all the controls. If you click on the word Google to open up the map on a desktop as shown would display all the controls including the Pegman as shown and rotation.

This is how it appears on Microsoft Lumia 950 using Intel App Preview app for Windows.

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