Do not get into two year contracts, avoid them like plague

I cannot but echo the sentiments of John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile when he said,

"Carriers have counted on staggered contract end dates and hefty early termination fees to keep people bound to them forever. But now families can switch to T-Mobile without paying a single red cent to leave them behind".

 May be you should take up T-Mobiles offer detailed here:

"T-Mobile offers to pay termination fees"

In my experience with AT & T, my two year contract has been a pain point with their poor phone (made by Samsung) and their not so supportive support staff. I am just itching to get out of the two year contract ending February.

The phone battery was a trash which never functioned except for about a year. Now it works only if it is hooked to wall plug. See here details:
I only use the alarm function (as I make very few calls) these days and use my wife's Nokia phone for telephoning.

I tried to take some Christmas photos and the flash got stuck and I had to remove the battery to switch it off.

I should say one thing though, their billing department is very efficient.
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