I bought the <$50 UbiSlate from Datawind

I just unpacked my UbiSlate 7Ci tablet. I switched on and the 'android' logo came up rather quickly.

  • It can be used for communications if you have a WIFI available. Getting on to WiFi was also easy, what was not easy is the WEP password which is rather long (not the fault of Ubi). 
  • It has quite a few built-in apps and more can be downloaded. 
  • It also has a port for extra memory. 
  • It is charged by a USB cable powered by the mains energy (110V). 
  • It has two browsers, Chrome and Ubi proprietary and both worked well.
Here are some specifications:
•1GHz Cortex A8 processor
•512MB RAM
•OS : 4.0.3 Android
•7″ inches Capacitive TouchDisplay
•4GB of internal memory
•180 minutes on a single charge.
•language including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil & Other 

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