Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Surface Pro 3 will be available soon at a store near you

Surface Pro 3 has received a lot of god reviews and it should be available anytime soon. I was disappointed that a demo model was not available at Microsoft Store today (5/21/2014) at Ala Moana's Microsoft store in Honolulu. The staff on the floor could not tell me when they would have a demo model. Well, that's not good. If I am serious in selling I would have had one displayed last week!

Surface Pro 3 is ways ahead of the previous model with lots of great features. The price tag is somewhat hefty compared to often compared models from other operating systems. The cheapest is around $799 and could go up depending on your memory needs. Of course the accessories are not free like mouse etc.

Here is a copy of the technical specifications from Microsoft site:

The 12" display is great. It has a fourth generation Intel processor and comes preloaded with Windows 8.1 Pro  and you can install the full Microsoft Office suite + 1000's of Windows Programs.

It's very easy to go from using it as a tablet to use it as a laptop. Periferal connectos like a full size USB 3.0, MicroSD card reader are all ready to go including a Mini DisplayPort (you will need an adapter for this).

You can write on Surface Pro 3 and pass it on to OneNote but you need the Surface Pen even if the device is in sleep mode.  You need to buy a pen.

Want to watch movies, no problem it has a brilliant Full HD and Dolby Audio.

Well watching some of the Wall Street guys I get a feeling that it is too pricy and too late to enter the market to make a difference to the bottom line and it might have harmed the business as other hardware makers in the Windows Group may feel threatened and may peel away from Windows OS.

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Hawaii Tom said...

I have been using the Surface Pro 64GB since it came out. I was thinking about getting an SP2,and getting a $100 discount by buying online from an old XP machine, then suddenly, they announced this. I went ahead and preordered the i5 128 GB version from Microsoft, so I don't have to go down to Ala Moana. I still haven't been to the new store. I got a legitimate $50 off coupon from Microsoft, so it was under $999, including the 4.7 % GET. By the way, the Surface Pen does ship with it; you don't have to buy separately. I have USB 3.0 hubs at home and at work, with 24" monitors, external keyboards, mice and 3 TB external drives. This Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter works well. I am looking forward to the same setup with this 3rd generation machine. I'll use my old Type Cover on the odd trips I make, then buy a new one that fits down the road sometime. I will need to buy a second power supply though. Damn!