With Nokia Asha can Microsoft make significant impact on its mobile phones?

Microsoft Mobile is a hardware manufacturing company located not in REDMOND but in Espoo, Finland.

That Microsoft acquired Nokia's devices and services divison is knwn although details finalized this April 2014.

Microsoft Mobile will:
  • Design Develop
  • Manufacture
  • Distribute Mobile Phones
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablet Computers
  • Accessories
The 'Lumia' and the low end 'ASHA(Hope in Samskruta aka Sanskrit)' are owned by Microsoft.

I am not sure if 'Asha' can compete with 'Akash' which traces its DNA to INDIA?


In any case, I wish good luck to Microsoft Mobile.

You can develop apps for Nokia ASHA either with Java or Web.

You should read this article if you are into developing apps:

Watch this Nokia ASHA related video from Vietnam.

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