Do you want to drive a car with a Head Up Display?

Automobiles are changing in many different ways. All electric automobiles will enter main stream
although right now they are still in their infancy. Hybrids like Toyota Prius will fill up the transitional period before going all electric like TESLA, Nissan Leaf, Mahindra Reva and others being developed in many parts of the world. Of course they too will have a short run as hydrogen/Oxygen based fuel cells will surely takeover to address the pressing issue of pollution. Actually car using hydrogen/oxygen fuel cells they are available already in Japan or will be available soon.

The other areas where there is a lot of interest are driverless cars and cars equipped with better
navigational features. 

Head Up Display, displaying drive parameters like speed; traffic conditions, turn-by-turn
driving directions, maps, and other vital navigational information right in front of the driver
without the driver taking his/her off his/her eye from the road to check is another area of great
interest to auto manufacturers as well as customers.

The HUD would project the information on a transparent screen right in front of his/her view on the
wind shield or a little beyond (as in the case of Navdy) the wind shield. Combine with this the
ability to mimic most of the smartphone activities including hand gestures, voice; texting, etc. and
you have what is believed to be the ultimate accessory. These are already available in some high-end
cars such as BMW, Audi, Cadillac but come in as expensive options. It is also now available in less
expensive Toyota Prius and Mini.

Navdy is a  recently launched proto-type HUD.  You could buy a HUD from crowd sourced device for a mere $250  (price will go up after the sourcing is completed) or so, even cheaper, if you could
persuade a friend to buy. This HUD offers more features than the presently available Garmin's HUD+.

Review the Garmin's HUD+ here:

Review the crowd sourced HUD proto-type NAVDY here:

Of course you need to have your iPhone or Android Phone to take full advantage as these are the only
ones supported.

Watch this video to see how NAVDY works:

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