Xiaomi from China challenges Apple and Samsung

There is a price war, compare apples with 'Chinese Apples'.

Xiaomi is a challenge to smart phone makers from Apple to Samsung. They are not only way-off cheap but as good and in some cases better than the available ones. Xiaomi has announced the next version, Xiaomi Mi4 today in China.

In India Xiaomi Mi3 started selling in July and they were sold out in India within moments they started selling, it appears from all accounts. More units are on the way.
Read here:


Here is a picture of its availability in India from the above site:

That was Mi3 unit and Xiaomi has recently announced the Mi4 which is available in China and it has already earned the nick name, 'Apple of China'.

The high end Xiaomi Mi4 touted as the fastest smart phone uses the 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor; a 3080 mAhs battery; 3GB Ram; 5 inch touch screen; full HD display resolution; 13 mega pixel camera and 8 mega pixel front camera with a 80 deg wide angle, f 1.8 lens. Regarding internal storage there two kinds, 16GB (~ $320) and 64GB(~$400).

Xiaomi not only makes smart phones they are geared to compete for every other gadgets from TV to smart wrist bands.

Read this on Bloomberg BusinessWeek in theTechnology section:

Xiaomi's Phones Have Conquered China. Now It's Aiming for the Rest of the World


Picture from the above site.
Xiaomi Mi 4 Full specifications can be found here:

Picture of Mi 4 is from the following site:
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