Smart watches will flood the market soon

Microsoft was one of the earliest companies that wanted to bring a smart watch to the market, but the timing was not good. Samsung came out with a smartwatch not too long ago. Now Microsoft is going again at it and so are Google and Apple.

Microsoft's smartwatch running Windows features:
Fitness tracker,
music player and
messaging device
Detachable watch face gets charged from a dock.

Microsoft filed a patent and the watch looks like this,
Microsoft's Watch Concept looks similar to Moto360 but probably with lot more stuff if you go by the Watch Concept.

Watch the video on this page:

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch does a lot of cool things but take a look at this review:

Items that received bad reviews: the low battery life; limited device compatibility, and some suggestive advertising.
Read here:

Google's Moto360 is coming soon.

Basic Time, messging,gps etc

Apple's iWatch ...
Presently all rumors.. and leaks...
Apple has its iWatch in the works and its release date may be pushed to November,

Pebble watch is another option that does things beyond looking up time.

Basic time function was already there in digital watches. Most of the other features like messaging comes about by relaying from your phone (you need a smart phone to go with your smart watch). Camera and other sensors are ideas percolated from smartphones. How well they perform and under what circumstances is a thing to be considered.

Am I going to buy one? No, sir. I stopped using any kind of watch, digital or otherwise 20 some years ago.
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